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Strategic HVACR Knowledge Partner

Logo - AHRI

Strategic HVACR Knowledge Partner

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Strategic HVACR Knowledge Partner

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Why Sponsor?

  • Key opportunity to participate in ‘Industry Leadership Address’
  • Specific opportunity to address the needs of the market, in view of building-retrofit initiatives and other projects
  • Opportunity to articulate views on policies, regulations and standards related to energy, energy security, environment (refrigerants – direct and indirect emissions), urban planning, socio-economic development (affordability, etc.)
  • Opportunity to advocate the core sustainability, cost and roject-execution benefits of VRF systems by donning the mantle of industry leaders with a broad vision to support energy security and environmental goals
  • Opportunity to display and give live demonstration of the specific features of products to an visitor-profile comprising government bodies, green building councils, developers, building owners, consultants and contractors.
  • Direct one-on-one meetings with existing and potential clients

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